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Tasbooks 1

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Product: Tasbooks 1 Manufacturer: TASBOOKS

TasBooks 1 is aimed at the small business wanting a reasonably priced accounting solution to manage everyday bookkeeping requirements for their business with a minimum fuss.

Priding itself on being quick and easy to learn, Tasbooks also utilises Account processor technology allowing transactions to be edited once posted to ensure mistakes can be corrected at any stage throughout the accounting month. The user interface is simple to learn and while there are more functionally rich accounting packages out there – what Tasbooks does it does well.

Featuring the usual basic ledger services including Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers together with standard VAT accounting functionality, Tasbooks also comes with a number of features aimed at the small business market. For example – Tasbooks 1 comes with an IR35 module – targeted at the contractors market to assist with maintaining records for contractors covered by IR35 rules.

With a comprehensive reporting module (supporting drill down capability)– the software also supports some user configured reports to ensure management reporting is a breeze enabling you to track the products and services you sell together with your costs.

TAS Books 1 is ideal for a first accounting package, sole traders and service businesses will be well served and Tasbooks 1 can easily manage accounts for a small business and it will be a while before you’ll need to upgrade (either to Tasbooks 2 or 3 or another package).


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