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Inventory Management Software

By Alison Cole

Inventory management software is required to efficiently manage and achieve appropriate levels in the supply chain. Inventory management software reduces your inventory costs and increases the efficiency and level of control you are able to exercise over your growing distribution business. Inventory can be one of the indicators of management effectiveness in the context of materials management. Inventory management software provides exact details of the stock you have, what you have ordered and what you have sold. This saves time, money and labor, and improves your sales. The large amount of paperwork that was needed for proper management can be a thing of the past, with efficient use of inventory management software.

A wide choice of inventory management software is available on the market, but certain features such as the cost, function, integration and maintenance have to be considered before adopting any particular software into the fold. The cost factor must definitely be tailored to the budget available. You must also decide the degree of complexity of your program, before settling for the software.

Certain kinds of inventory management software simply tell you the location and size of the inventory you possess. There are others that perform these functions plus forecast your future inventory, taking into consideration even weather forecasts by utilizing network information. The integration feature tells you whether you need a standalone system or one that integrates into the existing system of the organization. The maintenance aspect helps you to decide whether highly skilled labor is required, and also maintains a high degree of accuracy in functioning.

Almost all the software available performs general functions such as preparing invoices, keeping a database of clients, reordering stock, maintaining balances of inventory, etc. The market has new inventory management software coming in every other day, and it would be advantageous if a general study of the systems available is done before a decision is made.

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