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Defining Supply Chain Management

By James Hunt

Companies that deal with inventory will have to have some sort of system in place to effectively manage the supply chain that exists for any type of sales. A system of inventory needs to be as smooth running as possible so that a company is able to fulfill all its orders in a timely manner. If there is a shortage of inventory, sales fulfillment will fall behind and the company is in danger of losing both its reputation and credibility. More and more companies are using some type of supply chain management to keep track of what inventory they have, what is allotted for current sales invoices, what product has been ordered from the supplier, and what inventory is already on route from the supplier. Once this supply chain is running smoothly and efficiently there is little chance of lost sales or dissatisfied customers due to a problem with supply and demand.

Many companies have some employees that are trained in supply chain management to ensure that someone with a working knowledge of the supply and demand process is in charge. This type of management ensures that someone is capable of making those decisions in an informed and proactive manner. Many times the person in charge of the supply and demand chain will also be responsible for the rest of the employees working in the inventory, shipping, and production area of the company. When someone with the training that is provided by supply chain management is in charge the inventory and production side of a company runs with efficiency and order. The entire company is counting on this efficiency to ensure profits, repeated sales, and future growth.

Supply chain management is becoming more and more popular among many companies as they realize the importance of controlling and managing the product that enters and leaves the company. The more attention that is paid to supply and demand the more success a company will achieve.

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