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Contract Warehousing

By Jason Gluckman

Contract warehousing is analogous to public warehousing. The dissimilarity between them is the absorption of risk by the owners of the goods that are covered under the contract warehousing. The leasing party makes a commitment to pay the fees whether or not the space is utilized. In this case, the risk is shared between the owner of the goods and the warehouse company. This implies that the cost is less, compared to public warehousing.

Contract warehousing includes transportation and logistics. The companies offer the services that deliver outsourcing, third party and logistics solutions. These companies maintain a uniformity of patterns, systems and services, to ensure a smooth functioning. They also help in the distribution, storage and handling of goods and support the business contracts. These companies offer their services to manufacturers as well as the shipping companies. The contract warehousing companies have various support systems for their operations.

This business maintains the contracts with numerous public warehousing and contract warehousing companies and can rapidly make the rate quotations available. The contract warehousing companies listed, can provide cost effective contract warehousing services such as trans-loading, cross- docking, pick and pack operations, labeling, packaging, inventory control and just-in-time inventory management. They also offer additional services like pallet exchange services, local transportation and local drayage, stretch and shrink- wrapping. They provide quality control, lot number control, import and export handling, containerization and pool distribution too.

Contract warehousing is very beneficial to new businesses or a business that is entering a new market. It benefits the businesses that offer an isolated cost center. Businesses that seek to minimize risk or liability also benefit from contract warehousing. The companies that require experience and back up support flourish and reap profits. The contracts ensure the safety, storage and transportation of the goods to the specified locations.

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