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Asset Management Software

By Alison Cole

Asset management is the management of a company’s assets by a team dedicated entirely for this purpose. The company’s assets, apart from its capital portfolios, also involve its infrastructure, plant, property, and human resources.

Now, consider a scenario in which these assets have to be managed manually. These will involve some disadvantages. First of all, the chances of human error increase, not to mention the consumption of the time of the professionals involved. This in turn means waste of resources and also the resulting inefficiencies that slow down business returns.

The answer to this problem lies in asset management software. The software is designed to keep a track of the company’s assets, provide for analysis, and thereby prove an effective tool in managing a company’s resources. In other words, asset management software helps to keep track, monitor and analyze business processes and resources. It automates the work processes that were previously manually done. This, in turn, helps to speed up the work and minimize errors.

Another advantage is that people who are involved in manual file management can be diverted to more productive work. Also, skilled professionals will save time in searching for required data. This results in the optimum utilization of resources, thereby adding to the productivity of the company.

As said, asset management involves the management of all assets in a company by a professional team. Now, to manage these assets, the team first of all needs to know what the assets of a company are. This is where the role of the asset management software comes in.

The software can keep a track of an asset. This includes its initial purchase value, running costs, service costs, depreciated value, and upgrades. The team can then use this information to assess the present value of the asset. The information can also help the company charge individual departments for the usage of that asset. The current value and condition of an asset can also help the procurement department of a company in that the people can decide whether the asset is in a usable condition, needs upgrades, or needs to be replaced altogether.

Asset management software is an effective tool for a company to manage its assets, analyze data and arrive at business decisions. The asset data is placed in a central easy to access repositories. The individual departments can access it through the company’s intranet. The accurate data, accessed at a click of the mouse, can lead to more effective decisions and also a better management of a company’s assets.

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