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Negotiation Tips

By Peter Fisher

Having been in business for over 25 years I have seen some excellent negotiators. The way they operate is to work with your concerns and show they understand your position. To these operators, negotiation is both a skill and an art and some have developed it to such a high degree that you could even think it is a science. We all negotiate every day in some way or another so becoming more skilled is something that would beneft us as individuals, and benefit our businesses and organisations. Mostly the outcomes are not earth-shattering but when the negotiation is important follow this advice to reach the best outcome for all parties.

Whenever we want something we almost always enter a negotiation, unless a straightforward purchase in a shop; but even there I know several people who will attempt to negotiate as a matter of principle.

The simplest thing to understand therefore, is that for the negotiation to be successful, both parties need to be involved in the outcome, and both parties need to feel that their interests were not only protected but satisfied.

Before attempting any negotiation, make sure you are up to date and aware of your customer/client/co-negotiator's current needs.

Be prepared to walk away without an agreement if you feel that either party's needs are becoming overlooked.

When you next need to enter a negotiation, check your strategy here first. It just may make all the difference!

Peter Fisher is an expert Author and Publisher. He coaches and writes for people undergoing career change. To find information dedicated to bringing you the best negotiation tips and advice take a good look at Negotiation Tips - you are sure to find some negotiation tips that fit your situation.


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