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Negotiation, Integrity and Trickery

By Lance Winslow

In any negotiation it is important to establish a sense of integrity so that the other party knows that they can trust you with whatever negotiation is rendered. All too often people who were involved in negotiation are untrustworthy and use trickery early on in order to get concessions from the other party.

In team negotiations often the trickery and the meanness is used and then a nice guy is brought in later to close the deal. It is the basic good guy bad guy routine. Nevertheless, a seasoned veteran in negotiation will see these signs of game playing and trickery early on and establish that the other party has no integrity and perhaps even voiced his concern to the other party that he cannot trust them or anything they may say so how can they possibly negotiate.

Such a tactic is often dangerous because if you call someone a liar usually they are offended and someone offended generally wants revenge. In other words they will take out their revenge by insisting upon irrelevant or unnecessary concessions by you.

So how do you call someone a liar who is using trickery and deceit in negotiation? Often you can tell a story about another negotiation were someone had lied to you in a similar situation and what you thought of that person rather than calling them a liar directly.

No matter what happens you must establish the need for integrity and lack of trickery from your opponent in any negotiation if you are to reach a favorable settlement for all concerned. Consider this in 2006.

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