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Selecting Payroll Software

By Christopher Luck

How do you find the right payroll software for my business? When I go to start a new business, I am going to want and need good payroll software. However, there are a number of options out there in the way of payroll software so it's difficult to choose the one that is right for my business. The best thing to do, as with any major purchase, is to determine what you need in the software and then buy the package that works best for your business.

When you are just starting your business, you are likely not going to have an immediate need for large robust software. The payroll software you do buy, though, should meet whatever needs your company is going to have. For instance, are your employees going to be on a time clock and paid hourly? If so, you will want to find payroll software that will work in conjunction with a time clock of some sort. You will also want to find a software package that can figure a number of hourly pays to account for the different employees who make a different amount. If, however, all of your employees are going to be on salary, you probably do not need that functionality.

Another function you may want to consider is the ability to easily make adjustments. Let's face it, employees are going to forget to punch in or out from time to time and you will have to be the one to fix the time in the clock. Look for a payroll software package that makes this function easy. Most do, but make sure you know whether or not you are comfortable with the user friendliness before you make your final selection and purchase.

Third, and in some cases most importantly, find out how much a payroll software package is going to cost you. Find out how much the up front cost is, how much upgrades are, and what kind of support is offered. There are plenty of payroll software services out there, but the good ones are going to offer you support lines to help ensure your success. Also, find out how much the payroll software will cost if your company grows, versus buying a larger program up front and letting your company grow into it. What is important, though, is to find out what will be most cost effective for your company over the long run.

If you are starting a new business with employees, you will definitely need to consider payroll software. You don't want to be sitting down figuring hours and pay by hand every week or every other week. The problem is that there are so many payroll software packages out there that it can be difficult to come up with one that is right for you. The answer, quite simply, is to do your homework. Look into various programs and figure out what kind of functionality you will need and what kind of price you can afford. By breaking it down that way, you will have your perfect payroll software package before you know it.

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