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Value Stream Mapping on Visio 2007

Value Stream Mapping can be a time consuming process so having the appropriate software tools available can be a great help.

Many turn to Microsoft Visio when it comes to process mapping, but until recently support for Value stream mapping has been patchy – with either 3rd party addons required or templates that could be downloaded from the internet.

In Visio 2007 however this has all changed and Visio fully embraces Value Stream Mapping.

To start a value stream map it couldn’t be simpler –
1/ Click File > New
2/ Select Business
3/ Choose from one of the following options:
* Value Stream Map – Metric
* Value Stream Map – US units

As shown below

Visio then loads a blank diagram and the appropriate template. All the usual suspects are present and there is icon support for elements such as Customer, timeline, Inventory amongst others.

While similar functionality is available for previous visio users it’s nice to see that Microsoft have added support in the current release for this important process mapping tool.


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