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Quality Filter Mapping How to Guide

Part 1

Quality Filter Mapping is a technique that can be used to highlight areas of waste within a business – it offers a high level view of activity and allows the producer to focus in on processes that require improvement and as such often forms part of continuous improvement plans.

Forming part of the Value Stream Mapping toolset, rather than simply mapping the process steps it provides an easy to interpret analysis of business quality.

The Quality Filter mapping focuses on three areas of Quality

* Product Quality – The quality of the product provided to the customer
* Defect Quality – Defects Found (and often corrected) at the point it has occurred before it has reached the customer.
* Service Quality – issue that affects the organizations ability to provide the service or product to the customer (for example incorrectly completed paperwork, failure to deliver the product within the agreed timescale).

Quality Filter mapping measures these three types of Quality as a ratio (e.g. Parts per million) across the specified range of activities.

Scenario – John Smith is Improvements Manager at ACME Widgets Inc. He’s new in the post and has been given the task of Improving the Operating Margins of the company. John aims to achieve this target through lowering the organisations cost of quality. John aims to review the manufacturing process, find areas of waste (and it’s cost).

In part two we'll look at the next steps of the activity and how the results are presented - Part 2 - Quality Filter Mapping how to guide.


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