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Lean Manufacturing Training

By Kent Pinkerton

Lean manufacturing is a business performance improvement tool that focuses on enhancing value, cost, delivery, and people. It helps expose waste and makes continuous improvement possible by identifying and eliminating non-value-adding activities in design, production, supply chain and management.

Organizations that are applying lean technology to their manufacturing processes are achieving the greatest improvements in speed, efficiency, and profitability. Conversely, they all share a common characteristic, and each fully utilizes the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm of people at all levels.

While the fundamentals of lean manufacturing are somewhat spontaneous, many of the successful components of a lean toolbox have been developed over years of trial and error. Supplying the right level of training allows your organization to quickly learn similar tools and realize the benefits of lean without the trial and error method.

Lean manufacturing training provides a common perspective and language that allows every individual to participate in continuous business improvement. Knowledgeable and supportive leadership is an indispensable part of a successful lean thinking organization. Without this critical ingredient, lean efforts will either wither from a lack of resources or degenerate into random acts of improvement that have a limited impact.

The training package also includes programs designed for organizations which want to develop a core group of highly capable, in-house experts. These individuals receive all-embracing training and one-on-one mentoring that allows them to attempt complex problems and deliver impressive returns. As an option, the program also offers Six Sigma training for industry standards for yellow, green or black belt certification.

A lean training program is also designed for direct labor employees, and helps to remove the mystery and apprehension regarding this new technology. The emphasis is that lean results in a more effective business which is better able to compete in the world markets. Many participants discover that lean is a common-sense approach that makes work easier and more interesting.

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