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Lean Manufacturing Seminars

By Kent Pinkerton

Lean manufacturing is a business proposal to reduce waste in manufacturing processes. The basic scheme is to reduce the costs methodically, throughout the product and production process, by means of a series of development reviews.

Many companies have now added interactive real-time online seminars also called "webinars" to their portfolio of lean training opportunities for organizations worldwide. Webinars cover key topics required for in-house teams working to implement their lean future state plans.

Lean advisors conduct sessions interactively, answering questions, giving quizzes, challenging assumptions, and leading group discussions via phone and the Internet, which is advantageous for organizations that work from the comfort and convenience of their own offices.

Participants work as groups in a room with computer access, or from their own offices. PowerPoint presentations and other materials are available to help make the seminars easier to understand. Discussions also take place over the phone. Using cutting-edge technology, learners have access to an easy, responsive, and fluid online interface that has proven to be a reliable form of training today.

There are many advantages of in-house seminars. These include receiving a customized workshop tailored to suit the needs of your organization, training 4 to 20 staffers for a reasonable fee, limiting time away from your work schedule, learning together as a team, and working on specific problems or issues unique to your establishment.

There are many advantages associated with public seminars. These include pre-workshop questionnaires which tailor the event to the participant's requirements, learning from experiences and the opportunity to network with other managers, training away from the work environment, participating in group problem-solving exercises, and the opportunity to ask questions and work on specific issues unique to your establishment.

To figure what's best for your organization, consider all training programs offered today, and reap benefits with the help of this new manufacturing trend.

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