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Organizational Change: How to Foster and Manage Change

By Andy Mann

“It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change”. - Charles Darwin

The only constant in this world is change, even then the basic instinct of a human being is to avoid change and to continue with status quo. So the prime question is how to motivate people to change and how efficiently to manage change. Over the past decade managing change has become one of the biggest organizational challenges for corporate America. The aim today is to build an organization that can quickly respond, innovate, and flex to changes on an ongoing basis. To fulfill this aim of building an ever changing and ever evolving future proof organization we analyzed five theories of change and in this paper we will discuss how they can be implemented in the real world.

Organizational Change

Businesses are fast changing and these changes vary from industry to industry. Technology is fast changing the space in which companies use to operate and building a future proof organization structure is the key priority today for any organization.

The Establishment of Intra-Organizational Networks

As organizations are growing bigger than ever before, the task of managing and synchronizing organizational operations is coming under spotlight more than ever before.

Influencing politics

Influencing politics is referred to external factors which influence the change environment in the organization and these factors can’t be determined by the organization. The best a company can do is managing them.

Generation of New Ideas and Different Proposals

Innovation is the key to future growth and companies which will prosper in future are the one which focus its most energy on research and development.

Theory of Training

Training helps people for future individual challenges, it also enhances employees motivation and prepare them for further change regarding decisions in the organization.

How each of these factors will influence the rate of change in the environment and their relative influence on managing that change will be discussed in detail in next article.

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