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Efficiency Gaps During Change Management

By Lance Winslow

A management team, which has worked together for a long period of time is much like a special team in the Armed Forces or a sports team. There is efficiency and organizational capital, which has been nurtured for years. However, sometimes things change and there will be a need for one of the executives to go to another division or department or set up another offshoot for the company.

There will also be times of retirement, people leaving the company or even getting the ax due to the Board of Directors lack of confidence in the individual. Nevertheless no matter what the reason is for the change management there will be efficiency gaps within the organization as one hand does not understand what the other is doing because they have not been working together for as long.

To prevent efficiency gaps from growing the team in place must understand how change management works and how to foster the remaining organizational capital and where things need to improve in the communication chain. Many people who talk about change management do so from a theoretical standpoint rather than an actual doing it standpoint.

You can study change management all you want in the textbooks of America's greatest MBA schools and professors can teach class after class on the workings and psychological displacements caused during change management, but until you've been there and you have to deal with it in real life you may never fully understand it.

It behooves you; if you find yourself in a change management situation to work on communication skills and get to know the other executives; how they think, how they work and their strong suits. What ever you feel they are lacking is your responsibility to help make that up and help foster a seamless environment. Please consider this in 2006.

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