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Change Management and the Psychology of Change Considered

By Lance Winslow

Change Management problems at the executive level are fascinating but should never be unexpected. Why you ask? Well humans do not like change, they always move for the status quo over change when allowed to choose. Unfortunately, change is a universal constant and it will forever have to be dealt with in all aspects of the life experience you see? Change Management and the Psychology of Change needs to be considered when discussing these issues in Modern Day Corporations.

Without consideration of the emotional human factor all models and scientific research on this subject fail to produce what we observe in reality. The fact is that people fear change and fear evokes many human emotions from the oldest part of the brain. It will evoke anger, aggression, vindictiveness or flight response. None of which are very good for those in a leadership position.

For proper change management implementation we must work to alleviate the fear factor during transitional times otherwise we will inevitably destroy years of hard work in building the organizational capital in place prior to the disruption. Does change management have to result in disruption? Unfortunately there will always be at least a minute amount of discontinuity in any change. But if done correctly it can appear rather smooth without alarm. And that is what we shoot for as we study change management theory and the human fear factor. Consider all this in 2006.

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