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Change Management and Your Future as an Executive

By Lance Winslow

In if you are up-and-coming in the business world and you find yourself in a position where change management is occurring very rapidly then you need to take the bull by the horns and take responsibility for the team. For those that have the ability to unite others in a real leadership this is the time for you to shine and your future as an executive in the corporation depends on it.

All too often when change management occurs at the corporate level many of the folks in management sit back and wait for something to happen afraid to make any moves for fear that they might also get the ax or be asked to leave the company. This fear stifles innovation and hurts the efficiency of the organizational capital within the company.

Change is a good thing and change is something that you need to be able to grasp and acknowledge in today's modern corporate environment. Those that fear change are usually left behind and those who embrace it and find themselves to enjoy it will find a brave future ahead of them as perhaps the CEO of the company.

Change Management may be a time of frustration and fear from other corporate team members, but you cannot let this affect your performance and you need to help get the team back together and working smoothly again as soon as possible. In doing so you will find yourself respected by your peers and chosen to lead. Please do not forget this in 2006.

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